The Restless Tree

cover_restless_treeTexte de France Adams

Illustrations de Serge Salvador

Amélé Dupré’s life is turned upside down the day she finds a heart-shaped seed inside an apple. Through her tender loving care, a sprout emerges from the seed and changes into a sapling that, over time, grows into a sturdy tree‚ a slightly finicky one, perhaps, but one that is endowed with extraordinary powers. As the days and years go by, a story of deep friendship develops between Amélé and her beloved tree. Together in their imaginary world, they encounter many strange adventures, always filled with love, tolerance and loyalty.

France Adams

A resource teacher by training and a mother of two sons, France Adams is fulfilling her childhood dream: to tell and write stories. The Restless Tree, her fourth book for children, is part of a series on peace.

Serge Salvador

Artist Serge Salvador is a proponent of Pointillism. His drawings are permeated with a deep spiritual dimension that has been cultivated by his daily practice of yoga, a discipline that can be perceived in the illustrations of this book.

France Adams and Serge Salvador are both highly committed to sharing their values of peace, giving workshops in schools on a regular basis.

32 pages
11,95 $
ISBN 978-2-89611-054-4

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