Corbeau vole la lumière

Corbeau vole la lumière

Recueil de mythes haïdas

By Bill Reid et Robert Bringhurst

Illustrations by Bill Reid

Introduction by Claude Lévi-Strauss

“Before there was anything, before the great flood had covered the earth and receded, before the animals walked the earth or the trees covered the land or the birds flew between the trees, even before the fish and the whales and seals swam in the sea, an old man lived in a house on the bank of a river with his only child, a daughter. Whether she was as beautiful as hemlock fronds against the spring sky at sunrise or as ugly as a sea slug doesn’t really matter very much to this story, which takes place mainly in the dark.”

It is all the richness of Haida mythology that springs forth in Corbeau vole la lumière. Through a series of Raven the Trickster’s zany but nonetheless consequential misfortunes, we discover tales that are both moving and picturesque in a world where the animals speak, where dreams come true, where monsters and men live side by side. Beyond a smattering of violence, cunning and spite, a whole world where love and communication between the species reign is opened up to us.

A talented writer, painter and sculptor, Bill Reid dedicated his life to reviving an ancestral culture: that of Canada’s Northwest Coast Haida people. In 1981 Bill Reid hit on the idea of using pencils to bring mythical heroes to life, thus creating what he called “monochrome ghosts.” Over his 50-year-long career, he managed to change the landscape of Canadian art significantly.

128 pages

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ISBN 978-2-89611-074-2

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