La plus belle Création de Corbeau

La plus belle Création de Corbeau

A bilingual French-Ojibway picture book
With accompanying multilingual CD

By David Bouchard
Illustrations by Brigitte Lopez
Music byJana Mashonee

Gaagaagi gii-pawaajige ogii-pawaanaa’ gaa-niiyogaadenid,
gaa-bimisewaad, gaa-bimoodewaad. Geyaabigo gii-pawaajige …
Gii-pawaajige ezhi-mino-ozhiitaad …

There are as many versions of Creation as there are First Nations in North America. This tale is the product of a dream Métis author and Member of the Order of Canada David Bouchard once had. In keeping with the finest Métis storytelling tradition, David Bouchard introduces readers to the world of Heaven, the people of the Earth, the myth of the Raven, Turtle Island, and the appearance of the Two-Leggeds (human beings).

As in all his works that have garnered prizes and awards and brought together aboriginal artists such as Allan Sapp, Dennis Weber, Michael Lonechild, Buffy Sainte-Marie and Susan Aglukark, David Bouchard plays a unifying role by surrounding himself yet again with artists and musicians renowned for their excellence.
Readers will discover the passion and talent of Cherokee painter Brigitte Lopez and Lumbee singer Jana Mashonee. Well beyond the literary work, the pride and culture of a people, this book is a proclamation of the complementarity and incredible wealth of First Nations artistic expression in words, imagery and sounds.

Hardcover picture book in colour with dust jacket

28 pages
ISBN 978-2-89611-084-1
24,95 $