Finutilité de Daniel LavoieAn essay by Daniel Lavoie

Published November 16, 2011

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La finutilité m’habite…

Pourquoi ceci me diras-tu?

Pour la poésie du futile, la beauté de l’éphémère…

Pour la beauté infinie de la tristesse.

Pour moi pour toi qui sommes à la fois rien, à la fois tout.

Daniel Lavoie

With Finutilité, from the infinite to the futile and the fleeting, Daniel Lavoie pens his first literary work. This collection contains moments of perception, reflections on contradictions along with revelations about life. Whether he is being provocative or appeasing, Daniel Lavoie says it with passion, humour and sensitivity.

In Finutilité, Daniel Lavoie offers texts full of textures and shifting images he gathered up through his peregrinations. Serious and humorous matters are juxtaposed, sugar is blended in with salt, various shades of red are intertwined, a deep sense of irony is grafted onto a lovely lightness of being. It is a nod to the tragic side of modern life as well as to its more playful side. The book seeks to be provocative at times, appeasing at others. There are moments of perception, of reflections on the most troubling aspects of life, on its contradictions as well as its revelations. It is a book that was written by someone who has spent a great deal of time observing, who feels things deeply and shares it with humour and le mot juste.

photo © Valérie Paquette

A singer-songwriter, a poet, an actor, a radio show host, Daniel Lavoie is universally known and renowned as one of the great artists of his time. From his early beginnings in his native Manitoba, to his Nirvana bleu album, to his role in Notre-Dame de Paris, including Ils s’aiment, Jours de Plaine or Le Petit Prince, his successes and achievements, especially in Canada and France, are impressive. With Finutilité, you have the opportunity to discover yet another facet of this man of many talents.

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